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Bobcat Service Analyzer contains a tool for programming and diagnosing the Bobcat technique. Software version 89.xx contains a list of fixes and updates that you can read for a better understanding of the program.

Diagnostic tools Bobcat help you find out whether there is a problem with our equipment and solve in time with the diagnostic tool to avoid potential danger. This software will allow you to familiarize yourself with the various technical information and functions of this program, with which you can correctly diagnose your equipment and prevent premature breakdowns.

Diagnostic tools Bobcat is intended for programming, diagnostic, service log, and calibration:
– Software updates
– Change SN/Options
– Clear Controller Data.
– Drive pump calibration status
– Panel
– Remote Control
– System
– Vitals,
– Edit diagnostic screens
– Interactive tests and etc.
With help step by step instructions, you can do diagnostic your equipment.
Service Analyzer Bobcat a very simple interface, support multilanguage includes English and recorded on 1 DVD-DL, which consists of basic standard tools. Below you can see release notes.

Service Analyzer V89.02 – 8 Mar 2021

1. Eliminate intermittent H3948 Multiple Joystick
fault that can occur during cold cranking on
M-Series loaders.

2. New M-Series Loader Auxiliary Software (V5.03)
a. Updated Fuel Lift Pump Control for Bobcat V1
– T770H***B: AT6330000+
– T740H***A: B3CA21000+
– S770H***B: AT5A17000+
– T870H***C: B47C18000+
– S740H***A: B3BT19000+
– S850H***C: B47715000+
– T770H**EB: B3BW16000+
– S770H**EB: B3BV14000+
– T870H**EC: B47L14000+
– S850H**EB: B3BY14000+


Service Analyzer V89.01 – 11 Feb 2021

1. Update Aux2 and Aux4 flow settings and load
moment setting for the following R-Series
compact excavators:
– E50ZL*ER: B4HT11001+
– E50ZF**R: B4TC11001+
– E55ZL*ER: B4HU11001+
– E55ZF**R: B4TD11001+
– E60*L*ER: B4HV11001+

2. Adds options for High Flow, and Electric Aux
and Offset to the following Compact Excavator:
– E17ZK*CM: B4ZM11001+

3. Adds engine diagnostic screen for Compact

4. New M-Series Loader Workgroup Software (V11.13)
a. Fixes issue with intermittent W3276 fault.

5. Adds support for new M-Series Loader Workgroup
controller P/N 7314576.

6. New Attachment Controller (SACD) Software (V1.3)
a. Adds support for Super Flow attachments.

b. Adds support for the following attachments:
– 72SCH: S6TE00001+
– 72SCHHF: A6TD00001+
– 84SCH: A6TG00001+
– 84SCHHF: A6TH00001+
– SB26X36: B53M00001+
– SB26X48: B53N00001+
– SB26X56: B53P00001+
– SB32X60: B55P00001+
– SB32X68: B53H00001+
– SB32X74: B53G00001+
– SB32X80: B53J00001+
– SB32X86: B55V00001+
– SB36X86: B53K00001+
– SB36X96: B53L00001+
– FRC50: B57M00001+
– FRC61_1SPD: B5CB00001+
– FRC61_2SPD: B57L00001+
– FRC72: B5CA00001+
– SG60: 233000001+
– SG60X: A00700001+
– VBLADE60: 084300001+
– VBLADE72: 083900001+
– VBLADE84: 084000001+
– VBLADE96: 084100001+
– VBLADE108: 084200001+
– BACKHOE: 074600001+
– DOZER80: 232100001+
– DOZER90: 231900001+
– DOZER96: 224400001+

7. Update for the following M-Series loaders
to show “PRIME” on display when fuel system
is priming:
– S450H*D*C: B4RH11001+
– T450H*D*B: B4RG11001+
– S510H*D*B: B4RE11001+
– S590H*D*B: B4RF11001+
– T550H*D*A: B57T11001+
– T595H*D*A: B57U11001+

8. Support for S590H*D*A move from Korea region
to North America region.
– B4TP11001 – B4TP12000: South Korea
– B4TP12001+ : North America

9. Support for new engine map files on the
following machines:
– E88*JA*R: B4NM11001+
– E88*L*ER: B4NL11001+

Service Analyzer V89.00 – 21 Jan 2021

1. New R-Series Compact Excavator Standard Display
Software (V1.16.4)
a. Improved display stability.

2. New R-Series Loader Standard Display
Software (V1.16.3)
a. Improved display stability.

Service Analyzer V88.24 – 4 Dec 2020

1. Support added for S70*K**CB (S/N: B57B11001+)

2. Updated ECU Software
a. Disable Low Oil Level Fault (P350F)

b. Adjust Low Idle RPM (850RPM to 950RPM)

The above affects the following machines with
Bobcat V2 engines
– R-Series Loaders: 6X/7X
– Excavators: E42/D42, E50/D50, E50Z, E55Z, E60

3. New R-Series loader update
a. Support added for single direction bucket

b. Support added for Workgroup Response.

Service Analyzer V88.23 – 3 Nov 2020

1. New R-Series Loader Standard Display Software
a. Improved display stability.

b. Reduces instances where camera screen wasn’t
mirroring image properly.

c. Fixed issue where vitals would overlap with

d. Renamed “Workgroup Settings” to “Lift and Tilt

e. Fixed issue where three point seatbelt icon would
remain active after two speed was deactivated.

2. New R-Series Compact Excavator Standard Display
Software (V1.16.1)
a. Improved display stability.

b. Reduces instances where camera screen wasn’t
mirroring image properly.

c. Fixed issue where vitals would overlap with

d. Fixed issue where machine lockout and Quick Start
were not allowed to be changed while engine was

Service Analyzer V88.14 – 17 July 2020

1. New Small Articulated Loader (SAL) main
controller software (V1.05)
a. Support for service clock and service
clock log.

b. Adjustment to the sensor supply out of
range faults.

c. Updaed hydraulic oil temperature warning and
shutdown setpoints (High 195°F, Extremely
High 210°F).

d. Auxiliary pot out of neutral fault will clear on
next attempt to actvate auxiliary if pot is within
the neutral range.

e. Extend and Retract out of neutral fault will clear
on the next attempt to activate extend or retract if
pot is within the neutral range.

f. Arm bar faults require a key cycle to clear.

g. Support for software version log.

h. Support for engine hour meter rollover. Hour meter
will roll over to 0 when 9999.9 is reached.

i. Updates to service analyzer diagnostic screens
and fault code descriptions.

2. Fixed issue where some ECU map files were not properly
linked causing the following error to appear on
Service Analyzer No application file available for Engine
Control Unit (ECU)

Service Analyzer V88.11 – 2 July 2020

1. Increases coil current for Soil Asphalt

2. Corrected depth check errors for the
following excavator models:
D42*J**R: B4YF00001+
E42*J**R: B4GM00001+

3. New AWS Loader Drive+ software (V12.3)
a. Support for new steering solenoids

4. Updated Engine (ECU) Software for
DL01, DL02, DL03 Bobcat Engines
a. Fuel Injector valve cleaning logic
added to ECU map files for original
piston and pre-TMAP sensor equipped
original Bobcat Engines.

5. Updated the following Bobcat Engine,
V2 ECU map files:
a. Fixed issue with EGR / TVA H-Bridge
open load fault codes not clearing
after repair.
– Loader

– Excavator

– Telehandler

6. Adjusted starter engine speed cut off
level from 1000 RPM to 850 RPM on the
following machines:
– S450L*DEA: B4J711001+
– S450H*D*C: B4RH11001+
– T450L*DEA: B4J611001+
– T450H*D*B: B4RG11001+
– S510L*DEA: B4JB11001+
– S510H*D*B: B4RE11001+
– S530L*DEA: B4KA11001+
– S550L*DEA: B4ZD11001+
– S590L*DEA: B4ZE11001+
– S590H*D*B: B4RF11001+
– T590L*DEA: B4KV11001+
– T550H*D*A: B57T11001+
– T595H*D*A: B57U11001+

7. New Gauge panel software (V3.05)
a. Support for Telehandler Bobcat Engine V2

8. New R-Series Loader Hub Software (V1.13)
a. Support for added for Bobcat Engine V2
with DPF.

9. New R-Series Touch Display Software
(Application: V2.5.0; Content: V1.5.0)
a. Support for added for Bobcat Engine V2
with DPF.

b. Fixed issue where fuel usage statistics
is showing incorrect data.

10. New R-Series Standard Display Software
(Application V1.12.0)
a. Support for added for Bobcat Engine V2
with DPF.

Service Analyzer V87.07 – 22 May 2019

1. New TLS Gateway Software (V6.40), TLS Drive
Software (V6.40) and TLS Workgroup Software
(V6.40) to support new controllers with part
numbers 7273600, 7273601, and 7273602.

2. New Manbasket Software (V1.40) and GACD2
Software (V1.20) to support new controller
with part number 7273603.

3. Support added for the following machines:
– D35*J**R: B4WV11001+
– D35ZK*ER: B4CS11001+
– D42*J**M: B4WW11001+
– D42*J**R: B4YF11001+
– D50*J**M: B4WY11001+
– D50*J**R: B4YG11001+

4. Support added for 7" Display on the
following machines:
– E85*J**R: B48413701+

Service Analyzer V87.06 – 14 May 2019

1. New GACD Software (V8.9)
a. Support added for the Box Blade HD
– B4T900101+

2. New Loader Deluxe Software (V7.5)
a. Support added for the Box Blade HD

3. New MX Primary (V4.5) and Secondary (V2.3) software
a. Initial support for 7″ display

b. Support for the following machines:
– D17ZKA*M: B3Y911001+
– D27ZK*ER: B4BB11001+
– D35ZK*ER: B4CS11001+

Service Analyzer V87.05 – 30 April 2019

1. Support for Bob-Dock added on the
following machines:
– S740H***A: B3BT11805
– T740H***A: B3CA11805
– S770H***B: AT5A11720
– T770H***B: AT6312720
– A770H***B: AT5J11380
– T750H***B: AT5T11743
– T630H***B: AJDT13778
– T650H***B: ALJG19317
– S630H***B: AHGL12984
– S650H***B: ALJ818497

2. Support added for the following
– E26*K**R: B4S911001

3. New Loader M4 Drive Software
a. Decrease hydrostatic pump gain
for the following models:
– T630****A – A7PU16275+
– T630H***B – AJDT16750+
– T650****A – A3P021700+
– T650***EA – A3P115475+
– T650H***B – ALJG29650+
– T650H**EB – B2KZ13900+

Service Analyzer V87.04 – 5 April 2019

1. Support for Bob-Dock added on the
following machine:
– T650H***B: ALJG28632

2. Boom down movement control ramps
improved on following Telehandler
– TL35.70: ANL714000+, ANMG14000+,
AVM114000+, AVM614000+,
B3ZS11001+, B3ZT11001+
– TH.7035: AR3914000+, AR3D14000+,
B3C414000+, B3C514000+,
B3ZZ11001+, B41111001+
– V723: B4C311001+

3. Corrected boom movement limitations
in case of some LLM faults on following
Telehandler models:
TL30.60, TL26.60, TH.6030, TL30.70, TH.7030,
T35.105, T35.105L, T36.120SL, T35.130S,
T35.130SLP, T35.140S, T41.140SLP, T40.180SLP

Service Analyzer V87.03 – 27 March 2019

1. Support added for the following
– S70*K***B: B4TY11001+
– S70*K**EB: B4UC11001+
– S590H*D*A: B4TP11001+
– E26*K**R: B4S911001+

2. New Loader Gateway Software
– Fixes issue with switched power
sometimes remaining off on key on.

Service Software V87.02 – 4 Mar 2019

1. New Loader Auxiliary Software
– Fixes issue with Remote ACD
attachments (Chipper, Concrete
Pump, etc.) when activating
auxiliaries from the attachment.

2. Support for Bob-Dock added on the
following machines
– S740H***A: B3BT14668+
– T740H***A: B3CA15491+
– S770H***B: AT5A13544+
– T770H***B: AT6319318+
– S770H**EB: B3BV11888+
– T770H**EB: B3BW13133+
– A770H***B: AT5J12503+
– A770H**EB: B3BU11707+
– T630H***B: AJDT16592+
– S630H***B: AHGL14606+
– S650H***B: ALJ825891+

3. Include boom float option on
following TLS machines:
– TL26.60 B3G615001+, B3G815001+,
B3GA15001+, B3GC15001+,
B3YF15001+, B3ZH15001+
– TL30.60 B3G415001+, B3G715001+,
B3G915001+, B3GB15001+,
B3YD15001+, B3Z815001+
– TL30.70 B4AY15001+, B4AZ15001+,
B4B215001+, B4B315001+
– TH.6030 B3GD15001+, B3GE15001+,
B3GF15001+, B3GG15001+,
B3ZL15001+, B3ZM15001+
– TH.7030 B4DW15001+, B4DZ15001+
– TL34.65HF B41N17001+, B41P17001+
– TL35.70 ANL716001+, ANMG16001+,
AVM116001+, AVM616001+,
B3ZS17001+, B3ZT17001+
– TL38.70HF AHT416001+, AVDV16001+,
AVKJ16001+, AVKM16001+,
B3ZU17001+, B3ZV17001+
– TL43.80HF B4BT11001+, B4BU11001+,
B4BY11001+, B4BZ11001+,
– TH.6534 B41S17001+, B41R17001+
– TH.7035 AR3916001+, AR3D16001+,
B3C416001+, B3C516001+,
B3ZZ17001+, B41117001+
– TH.7038 AT7A16001+, AVDZ16001+,
B3C616001+, B3C716001+,
B41217001+, B41317001+
– TH.8043 B4BV11001+, B4BW11001+,
B4C111001+, B4C211001+,

4. Update TLS Bobcat engine ECU
software to include 300 sec torque
derate before engine shutdown in
case of critical failure on
following machines:
– TL26.60 B3YG11001+, B3ZJ11001+,
B3ZH11001+, B3YF11001+,
– TL30.60 B3YE11001+, B3Z911001+,
B3Z811001+, B3YD11001+,
– TL30.70 B4B111001+, B4B211001+,
B3ZK11001+, B4B311001+
– TH.6030 B3ZL11001+, B3ZM11001+,
– TH.7030 B4DW11001+, B4DZ11001+
– V519 B3YH11001+,
– TL35.70 B3ZS11001+, B3ZT11001+
– TL34.65HF B41N11001+, B41P11001+
– TL38.70HF B3ZU11001+, B3ZV11001+,
AVDV14000+, AVKJ14000+,
AHT414000+, AVKM14000+
– TL43.80HF B4BY11001+, B4BZ11001+,
B4P711001+, B4BT11001+,
– TH.7035 B3ZZ11001+, B41111001+
– TH.6534 B41R11001+, B41S11001+
– TH.7038 B41211001+, B41311001+,
AVDZ14000+, AT7A14000+,
B3C614000+, B3C714000+
– TH.8043 B4C111001+, B4C211001+,
B4P811001+, B4BV11001+,
– V723 B4C311001+
– T35.105 B41511001+, B41411001+
– T35.105L B41711001+, B41611001+
– T36.120SL B41911001+, B41811001+
– T35.130S B41B11001+, B41A11001+
– T35.130SLP B41D11001+, B41C11001+
– T35.140S B41G11001+, B41F11001+
– T41.140SLP B41K11001+, B41H11001+
– T40.180SLP B41M11001+, B41L11001+

5. Service Analyzer V5.17 Release
– Added warning when TLS engine
updates require main
controller updates.

– New engine software included:
300 sec torque derate in case of
critical error code then engine
shutdown instead of immediate
engine shutdown.

– Fixed bug that caused portions of
the English postscript of
translated logs to not be in

– Fixed data from diagnostic
screens being captured when
closing the file dialog, instead
of when the “Save Data” button in
the gear menu was pressed.

– Improved handling of invalid
default service log directory

Service Software V87.01 – 19 Feb 2019

1. Reverting Loader Auxiliary Software
from V5.0 to V4.03. Issue found
that prevents Remote ACD attachments
(Chipper, Concrete Pump, etc.) from
activating auxiliaries from the

Service Software V87.00 – 11 Feb 2019

1. New Toolcat Drive Software (V4.10)
a. Improved auxiliary control when

b. Improved throttle fault

c. Improved swash plate fault

2. New Loader M4 Drive Software
a. Decrease hydrostatic pump gain
for the following models:
– T740H***A – B3CA16100+
– T770****A – A3P816575+
– T770***EA – A3P913375+
– T770H***B – AT6321000+
– T770H**EB – B3BW13300+
– T870E***B – B47H11300+
– T870H***C – B47C13700+
– T870H**EC – B47L11500+

1. Telehandler Software Update (Workgroup
V5.6; Drive V6.1; and Gateway V5.2)
a. Creation of following serial numbers
for 4.3 T machines:
– B4BT11001+
– B4BU11001+
– B4BV11001+
– B4BW11001+
– B4BY11001+
– B4BZ11001+
– B4P711001+
– B4C111001+
– B4C211001+
– B4P811001+

b. Activated automatic suspension
function on following serial numbers:

B3G415001+, B3G615001+, B3G715001+
B3G815001+, B3G915001+, B3GA15001+
B3GB15001+, B3GC15001+, B3GD15001+
B3GE15001+, B3GF15001+, B3GG15001+
B3Z815001+, B3ZH15001+, B3YD15001+
B3YF15001+, B3ZL15001+, B3ZM15001+
B4AY15001+, B4AZ15001+, B4B215001+,
B4B315001+, B4DW15001+, B4DZ15001+

B41N17001+, B41P17001+, B41R17001+,
B41S17001+, ANL716001+, ANMG16001+,
AVM116001+, AVM616001+, AR3916001+,
AR3D16001+, B3C416001+, B3C516001+,
B3ZS17001+, B3ZT17001+, B3ZZ17001+,
B41117001+, B4C317001+, AVDV16001+,
AHT416001+, AVKJ16001+, AVKM16001+,
AVDZ16001+, AT7A16001+, B3C616001+,
B3C716001+, B3ZU17001+, B3ZV17001+,
B41217001+, B41317001+, B4BT11001+,
B4BU11001+, B4BV11001+, B4BW11001+,
B4BY11001+, B4BZ11001+, B4P711001+,
B4C111001+, B4C211001+, B4P811001+

c. Improved interrupt power monitoring on
Workgroup and Auxiliary controllers

Bobcat Service Analyzer v92.00 Diagnostic Tool – with Kg - PerDieselSolutions (2024)
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