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When you begin the chapter, you'll be in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You'll start in the Lower Floor - West, and you'll need to go to the Great Hall with all the other students.

Tap the notification to go there immediately or scroll through the hall to reach it. You can scroll through to see the other sections in the area, but you can't go to any of them for now.

Choosing Your Hogwarts House


Once inside the Great Hall, hit the notification to see dialogue from Professor McGonagall. This is where you'll be sorted into one of the houses at Hogwarts, where you'll get to choose which house you can be part of. Choosing a house only affects the names in the dialgue for which you see the story play out.

After some dialogue, you can pick your house. Once you do so, more dialgoue will play out and you'll need to hear Professor Dumbledore speak. Tap the notification to see what he says. Once the dialogue finishes, you'll be sent to your house Common Room. Tap the notification to go to your room, or you can scroll manually out of the Great Hall.

Your House Common Room

Your house common room is located in the West Towers of Hogwarts. Tap to go inside the common room. Once inside you can scroll through the room, but will need to tap on your classmate to proceed through ther chapter.

Tap the notification to see more story dialogue play out. You'll be asked which class are you looking forward to the most. Depending on your choice, the dialogue will be somewhat different.

Choose an answer to the question and then tap the Hogwarts symbol on the left side of the screen. You will have finished all of the tasks for Chapter 2, but will need to complete your class lessons to move on the to the next chapter. To do so, tap on the GO button on screen to go to class.

Completeing Your First Lesson

After tapping the screen to go to your first lesson, you'll be prompted to complete two lessons in the chapter. Tap the notification to go into the classroom and you'll begin the lesson. Depending on which answer you gave before, you'll either enter into a Charms lesson or Potion lesson.


Charms Lesson

Charms class will place you in Professor Flitwick's class to learn about Charms. After some dialogue, the professor will comment on your brother and ask you about following the rules. Choose your answer to continue the dialogue and begin the class.

You'll begin learning the Wand-Lighting Charm, which lights up dark places. Tap the notification to begin the task, you need to earn 2 Stars in order to acquire the spell Lumos, as well as +5 gems. When the class begins, you'll have to complete the task of waving your wand and listening to the lecture. To do this, simply tap the highlighed part of the screen to complete the tasks.

Once you complete them, more tasks will appear, which you'll need to tap to complete. Once you do so, you'll gain a reward of either Energy, Coins, or Crystals. CHoose one and then you'll have to answer a question. Answer it correctly and you'll then be able to cast the Lumos spell.

More tasks will open up, keep tapping them to complete the actions and earn another Star. This will give you another reward and then you'll be able to do the motion to cast Lumos. Successfully casting the spell will help level up your character, unlocking new clothing items and rewards.

Completing the class also gives you and your chosen house points for the House Cup. These are gained each time you do well within one of your lessons.

After your first lesson, you'll see some dialogue involving your classmate being picked on. You are given a choice to either stand up to them or distract them.

Depending on your choice, you'll receive one of three different attribute points. These are gained when you make decisions throughout the game. These shape the kinds of friendships, rivalries, and success in certain situations.

After doing so, you'll see more dialogue play out before having another choice to make. You can either taunt, threaten, or reason with your classmate. Choose one to gain more attribute points and see more dialogue will play out between you and your classmates. Then tap the notification to head to your next class, Potions.


Potions Lesson

For your potions lesson, you'll be with Profesor Snape in the Potions classroom. Tap on the professor to see some story scenes, then tap again to begin the lesson. You need to complete tasks and earn 2 stars to pass the lesson. You'll watch the professor mix potions while tapping on the highlights spots to complete tasks.

Once done, you'll have to tap the screen when prompted. You need to hit within the rings displayed, otherwise the professor will scold you. Whether you do or not, you'll have more tasks to complete next. Finish them to gain the last star and tap the screen when prompted. You'll have to follow the line displayed to complete the potion. Doing so will reward you with more gems and level up your knowledge level.

You'll then watch some more dialogue play out and lose points from your house. You'll then have another choice to make, but this time you'll be limited because of your attribute level. Pick the choice you're able to and you'll get a response from the professor. Depending on the choice you make, you'll either lose more house points or not. Finishing this will complete the chapter.

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