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Find Public Records in Floyd County, Georgia

This page lists public record sources in Floyd County, Georgia. Additional resources can be found on our Georgia State Public Records page, on city pages, and on topic pages using the navigation above.

Floyd County, Georgia - General County Info

Floyd County, Georgia Home Page

General information about Floyd County

Population: 94,009
Area: 513 sq. miles
County Seat: Rome
Area Code(s): 706
Time Zone: Eastern
Floyd County, Georgia - Public Records Directory Links

Free Directory

Georgia Court Records and other Resources

Links to state and local court records, general Georgia court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in Georgia.

Free Directory

Floyd County Court Directory

Directory of court locations in Floyd County, Georgia. Includes local links to searching court records, dockets, legal research, self help, and more.

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Inmate Search

Search Floyd County inmate records by name.

Sheriff and Jail

Floyd County Sheriff and Jail
2526 New Calhoun Highway NE, Rome, GA 30161
Phone (706)291-4111 Fax: (706) 236-2473
Jail Phone: (706) 291-4111

Free Search

Property Search and GIS Maps

Search Floyd County property tax and assessment records by address, owner name, parcel number or legal description including sales search and GIS maps.

Assessor Records

Floyd County Tax Assessor
4 Government Plaza, Suite 10, Rome, GA 30161
Phone (706)291-5143 Fax (706)291-5284

Contact Info

Recorder, Registrar of Deeds Records

Floyd County Clerk of Superior Court
Floyd County Judicial Building
3 Goverment Plaza, Suite 101, Rome, GA 30161
Phone (706)291-5192

Paid Search

Georgia Real Estate Index Search

Search Georgia Superior Court deed record index for all Georgia counties since January 1, 1999 with name, address, book page, property, or instrument type. Users can access database through a paid subscription or free single use account.

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Floyd County Census Information Summary

Floyd County statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses. From the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Bids and Requests for Proposals

View Floyd County bids and Requests for Proposals.

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Voter and Election Information

View Floyd County voter and election information including polling locations and election results.

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Code of Ordinances

View Floyd County code of ordinances, adopted August 28, 2012, including supplement history.

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Property Tax Search

View Floyd County property tax payment status by tax year, pay status, name, address or account number.

Contact Info

Birth and Death Records

Floyd County Health Department
16 East 12th St., Rome, GA 30161
Phone (706)295-6123

Contact Info

Marriage Licenses

View Floyd County information about obtaining marriage licenses including Magistrate Court performed ceremonies.

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Government Jobs

Search Floyd County government job openings by type, entity or status.

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Sex Offender Records

Search Georgia Bureau of Investigation sex offender records by name.

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Jail and Inmate Records

Search Floyd County inmate records by GDOC id, case number or name.

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Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Search Floyd County Commission meeting minutes and agendas by date.

Contact Info

Police Department

Floyd County Police Department
5 Government Plaza, Rome, GA 30161
Phone (706)235-7766 Fax (706)291-5224

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View information about Floyd County cemeteries including online search of cemetery records.

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GIS Maps

View Floyd County GIS maps.

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Food Service and Tourist Accommodation Inspections

Search Georgia food service and tourist accommodation inspection scores by county.

Contact Info

Foreclosures and Delinquent Taxes

Floyd County Tax Commissioner
Floyd County Historic Courthouse
101 West 5th Ave., Rome, GA 30161
Phone (706)233-0033

Free Search

Sheriff Press Releases

View Floyd County Sheriff press releases by date.

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Sex Offender Registry Map

View a list and map of registered sex offenders living in Floyd County.

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Most Wanted Persons

View Floyd County Sheriff's most wanted persons by name including reason for warrant.

Contact Info

Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records

View Georgia information about obtaining birth, death, marriage, and divorce records including record order forms.

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Rome and Floyd County Library Genealogy Records

Search Rose - Floyd County Library genealogy records such as census records, vital records, and more. A valid library card is required in order to access certain resources.

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Department Directory

View Floyd County department directory.

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Genealogy Records Search

Search Floyd County genealogy records such as cemeteries, death records, marriage records, obituaries, and more.

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Restaurant Inspections

View Floyd County restaurant inspections by establishment name.

Free Search

Water Quality Reports

View Floyd County annual water quality reports.

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Marriage License Search

Search Georgia recorded marriage licenses by county and applicant name, issued date range, recorded date range or marriage date range.

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Death Records Search

Search Georgia death records by county and name or date range.

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Floyd County, Georgia Public Records Directory (2024)


How to look up public records in Georgia? ›

All open records requests must be sent to the Open Records Officer. In order to submit an open records request you can email the request to the Open Records Officer at openrecords@sos.ga.gov, OR mail the request to the Open Records Officer at the address listed below.

How to look up evictions in Georgia? ›

Georgia tenant screening agencies can provide eviction records as part of a background check. Eviction records can be searched either statewide or nationwide. Tenant screening companies will find out where the applicant lived and if they paid their rent.

How do I change my name in Floyd County GA? ›

If you are an adult and want to change your name, you must file a petition the superior court in the county where you live. The petition must list your reasons for asking to change your name. (2) File a Verification of Petition.

How to get court transcripts in Georgia? ›

Trial transcripts of civil court cases fall under the umbrella of public record, which means they can be viewed and obtained by members of the public. Interested parties can obtain copies of a transcript by submitting a request to the court reporter.

How do I find local public records? ›

Requests for public records must be made to individual County departments, agencies, commissions and committees. If you are unable to identify the appropriate department and need assistance, the Office of Countywide Communications, can direct you to the appropriate department, agency, commission or committee.

What is the Sunshine Law in Georgia? ›

Georgia's Open Meetings Act

The law requires that government meetings be open to the public. The law also requires governmental bodies to provide reasonable notice of all meetings.

How much does it cost to legally change your name in GA? ›

How much does it cost to legally change my name in Georgia? The cost of a name change varies by county, but in general the costs are: Approximately $200-$250 to file with the court. Approximately $80 newspaper fee for publication.

Can I change my child's last name without father's consent in Georgia? ›

Until this law is changed, the consent of both parents is required in order to legally change a minor child's last name. As discussed above, however, the consent of the other parent may not be required if that parent has failed to contribute support to the child for a period of five continuous years.

Can you change your last name without getting married in Georgia? ›

Legally change your name by submitting a petition to a Superior Court. To change your name if you are a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, you must submit a petition to your local Superior Court.

Are Georgia criminal records public? ›

O.C.G.A. § 35-3-34 (d. 2) provides public access to felony conviction records without consent of the person whose record is being checked. The person's full name, race, sex and date of birth must be provided at the time of the request.

Are divorce records public in Georgia? ›

Are Divorce Records Public or Sealed in Georgia? By default, divorce records are public records in Georgia. Anyone can search through these records to see details of divorces finalized in the state.

Is PeachCourt legit? ›

The Clerks' Council has partnered with GreenCourt Legal Technologies to create PeachCourt as the most convenient way to eFile court documents in Georgia. Our mission is to provide every resident with the greatest possible access to the justice system.

Are Georgia property records public? ›

In Georgia, property ownership records are public documents and freely accessible. You must first determine the address of the property and the county in which it is located. Documents for property transactions are recorded at the county level in the Superior Court clerk's office.

How do I get my court records online for free in Georgia? ›

The Georgia Court records are accessible online on the E-Access to Court records page on the official website of the Judicial Council of Georgia, Administrative Office of the Courts. Select the County of Interest.

How to look up marriage records in Georgia? ›

These records are available from the Probate Judge of the county where the marriage is recorded. To obtain the address and phone number of the Probate Court of a specific county, see: Georgia Probate Courts Directory.

Can you look up divorce records in Georgia? ›

Are Divorce Records Public or Sealed in Georgia? By default, divorce records are public records in Georgia. Anyone can search through these records to see details of divorces finalized in the state.

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