Harry Potter: Hogwarts .. - Hi, may I ask you if you add the .. (2024)

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Location - Clue List :

Astronomy Tower

The tallest tower at Hogwarts

The stars are best seen from this tower

Your class starts when the stars are in the sky

Black Lake Underwater

I hope you know the Bubbble-Head Charm

Watch out for the Grindylows


A safe harbour

A portrait of Percival Pratt hangs here

New students dock here at the start of the year

Centaur Camp

You'll need to bring a gift if you want to visit

Human visitors are rarely allowed at this Camp

Changing Room

Grab your brooms and gear up for Quidditch

Are you ready for a moment of vivification


Is that a teacup with legs on that desk

You may see a pineapple dancing in this class

Let's agree to meet in Classroom 2E

Care of Magical Creatures

You'll find many creatures here

Is that a Chimaera I see

Commentary Box

Murphy McNully's throne, so to speak

You can comment on Quidditch here


A long hall -- that's all

A passage connecting rooms

An aisle connecting rooms in a western tower


You can spend your break in this open space

You'll have gobs of fun in this place

Is that a fountain I hear

Defense Against the Dark Arts

What's that I see? It's Classroom 3C

No cursing allowed in this classroom


I predict that you will find this location

A crystal ball wouldn't be out of place here

Chintz armchairs and little pouffes, anyone

A cross between an attic and an old tea shop

Dumbledore's Office

If you're lucky, you may see a bird catch fire

This is where you find the Supreme Mugwump

Filch's Office

There's lots of confiscated items here

Some well-polished manacles hang here

Flourish & Blotts

Grab your school books in Diagon Alley

You can attend book signings here

Forest Grove

A small clearing in the Forbidden Forest

There may be a forbidden Cursed Vault here

Forest Lake

I really lake this spot in the forest

You may see centaurs here getting water

Grand Staircase

It's easy to get turned around here

An ever changing way to move between floors

You'll find secret passages in the paintings

Great Hall

Where we all come together

You might find a grand feast or two here


You may want to invest some time here

The safest place in the world for anything

Hagrid's Garden

Hagrid has strange things growing here

Where can I find a pumpkin at Hogwarts

You may see Fang amongst the pumpkins

Hagrid's Hut

A cosy hut for a beloved Gameskeeper

Care for a rock cake? You'll find some here


Your magical abilities really bloom here

The Professor here plants seeds of learning

Greenhouse Three is a must-see

Hog's Head Inn

Yeh get a lot o' funny folk' here

Owned and operated by a Dumbledore

History of Magic

A real snooze-fest

There's a ghost teaching this class

Hospital Wing

Scrapes and bruises get treated here

Only 6 visitors per patient, please

Come here if you have a cough or runny nose


Don't let Pitts catch you in here

Where would you find Jae Kim

Close to the Hufflepuff Common Room

Knockturn Alley

Don' want no one ter see yeh down there

Around the corner from Diagon Alley

Mundungus Fletcher's favourite alley


I shore hope you brought your swim gear

I a-shore you this place is great for a swim

Leaky Cauldron:

A broken down shop on Charing Cross Road

The oldest pub in London


I can hear a pin drop here

Overdue books must be returned immediately

You should really check out this location

Merpeople Village

I hope you're dressed to meet the Merqueen

Stone homes in the middle of the lake

Muggle Studies

Rubber ducks, toaster, and blenders -- oh my

What is the function of a rubber duck

The one place where electricity (sort of) works


Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C

The owner remembers every item ever sold

Owlery Who... Who... Who goes there

Where our fine-feathered friends roost


One of the coldest classrooms at Hogwarts

The walls are lined with strange concoctions

You'll brew up a good time here

Prefect's Bathroom

You'll find a portrait of a mermaid on the wall

Fancy a bath

To the left of a statue of Boris the Bewildered

Quidditch Pitch

It's time to play Quidditch

You'll meet the Quidditch team out here to play

Quidditch Stands

Where you go to watch Quidditch matches

Best seats in the house for a Quidditch match

Red Cap's Hole

Watch out for the red-capped fiend here

You may find some treasure down here

Spider's Lair

The home of the Acromantulas

Careful of the webs

Three Broomsticks

The best Butterbeer in Hogsmeade is here

The social hub of Hogsmeade

Allegedly as old as Hogsmeade itself

Training Grounds

Practise your spells on the dummies out here

A flat, grassy area perfect for learning to fly

Transfiguration Class

You may know me as Classroom 1B

Two golden cat statues stand proudly

I heard a cat Animagus teaches this class

Whomping Willow

Planted in 1971 to hide a secret passage

Watch out for that branch


Run by the hilarious Bilton Bilmes

The prime outlet of Frog Spawn Soap

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts .. - Hi, may I ask you if you add the .. (2024)
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