Morty's Last Name (2024)

1. Morty Smith - Rick and Morty Wiki - Fandom

  • C-131 · Annie · Gwendolyn · Jessica (Parmesan Dimension)

  • This article is about the main character we follow through the show. You may be looking for other versions of Morty. Mortimer Chauncey "Morty" Smith Sr. of the Prime Dimension is the central protagonist of Rick and Morty. He was often incorrectly identified as Morty C-137 until Season 5. Morty is Rick Sanchez's grandson and is often forced to tag along on his various misadventures as a sidekick whilst attending Harry Herpson High School along with his sister, Summer.[9] At the beginning of the s

2. Smith Family - Rick and Morty Wiki - Fandom

  • The Smith Family is the main family of the series. The five main family members are Summer, Jerry, Beth, Morty and Rick. Jerry Smith (the patriarch) is ...

  • The Smith Family is the main family of the series. The five main family members are Summer, Jerry, Beth, Morty and Rick. Jerry Smith (the patriarch) is married to Beth Sanchez (the matriarch), which, after the wedding, took her husband's last name. The couple had two children named Summer and Morty. Rick Sanchez—Beth's father, Jerry's father-in-law, and Summer and Morty's maternal grandfather—currently lives with his daughter's family in the Smith Residence. Leonard Smith Joyce Smith Unnamed Unc

3. Rick & Morty's Sanchez-Smith Family Tree Explained

  • Nov 4, 2023 · Rick and Morty mainly focuses on the Smith-Sanchez family, and here is a full breakdown of the family tree, including its weirdest members.

  • Here's every Smith-Sanchez family member.

4. Morty Surname Meaning & Morty Family History at®

  • Discover the meaning of the Morty surname on Ancestry®. Find your family's origin in the United States, average life expectancy, most common occupation, ...

  • Discover the meaning of the Morty surname on Ancestry®. Find your family's origin in the United States, average life expectancy, most common occupation, and more.

5. Rick and Morty Characters

  • Rick Sanchez of Dimension C-137, commonly referred to as Rick C-137, is the titular main protagonist of Rick and Morty. He is a megagenius scientist whose ...

  • Rick and Morty Characters

6. Morty : Meaning and Origin of First Name - Ancestry

7. Rick and Morty - Naming Schemes

  • Sep 25, 2022 · Using the full name would be the best solution, as first and surname ... Morty Smith; Beth Smith; Jerry Smith; Summer Smith. Other characters ...

  • A list of Rick and Morty characters. See Wikipedia List of Rick and Morty characters for more.

8. Meaning, origin and history of the name Morty

  • Meaning & History ... Diminutive of Morton or Mortimer. Related Names. Family Tree·Details. VariantMort ...

  • The meaning, origin and history of the given name Morty

9. Morty Name, Meaning, Origin, History, And Popularity | MomJunction

  • The masculine name Morty has its origins in England. It is a diminutive of two English names, Morton and Mortimer, derived from surnames.

  • Morty is believed to originate from England, yet its roots go to France. Intrigued by the connection? Check out this post to know how.

10. CNN's Rick Sanchez says he inspired Rick and Morty character

  • Jul 6, 2022 · ... Morty's Rick share a first and last name. To him, the fact that a Cartoon Network show would feature a character with the same name as an ...

  • 'It's kind of like my name was hijacked': Ex-CNN anchor Rick Sanchez says he inspired one of the title characters in 'Rick and Morty.'

11. Characters in Rick and Morty: The Smith-Sanchez Family - TV Tropes

  • A page for describing Characters: Rick and Morty: The Smith-Sanchez Family. Rick and Morty Main Character IndexThe Smith-Sanchez Family (Rick Sanchez ...

  • Rick and Morty Main Character IndexThe Smith-Sanchez Family (Rick Sanchez | Morty Smith) | School | Rick and Morty: Variants (The Citadel) | Others | One Off Characters | Oni ComicBook | Pocket Mortys Beware of spoilers!Character-Specific Pages …

12. MORTY Last Name Statistics by

  • Summary · MORTY is ranked as the 645602nd most popular family name in the United States with an estimated population of 14. · This name is in the 26th ...

  • How popular is the last name MORTY? What is its origin and ethnicity? In which state is it most common? Find these facts and more in the statistics, charts and maps from

13. The 75 Best Rick and Morty Characters, Ranked by Fans - Ranker

  • Morty Smith, Rick's 14-year-old grandson and frequent companion on inter-dimensional adventures, serves as the show's moral compass. Despite his initial naivety ...

  • Jumping into the Rick and Morty universe is like being on a wild rollercoaster, surrounded by characters who are a mix of the hilariously weird to the outright evil. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to see how all of the best Rick and Morty characters of all time stack up against each...

14. Morty Name Meaning - Prokerala

  • Name, Morty ; Gender, Boy ; Meaning, Of the still water, Of the dead sea ; Origin, French ; Numerology Number, 1.

  • Morty Boy name meaning, origin and other details. Morty name variations, Morty name popularity, Morty name personality and Numerology details

15. Morty Surname Origin and History - Discover Your Heritage

  • Discover the origin and history of the Morty surname. Learn about your last name's origin, its history, and your family heritage.

  • Complete origin of the last name Morty, its history, and its family heritage.

16. Morty: Name Meaning, Popularity and Info on

  • The name Morty is primarily a male name of French origin that means From The Name Mortimer. Click through to find out more information about the name Morty ...

  • The name Morty is primarily a male name of French origin that means From The Name Mortimer. Click through to find out more information about the name Morty on

17. 'Rick and Morty' replacements for Justin Roiland revealed in Season ...

  • Oct 16, 2023 · Ian Cardoni is the new voice of Rick Sanchez and Harry Belden is Morty Smith. Their names appeared in the credits for the Season 7 premiere on ...

  • Ian Cardoni is the new voice of Rick Sanchez and Harry Belden is Morty Smith. Roiland was dropped from the hit animated show after domestic violence charges.

18. Rick and Morty - Jew or Not Jew

  • Aug 24, 2015 · Morty's last name is Smith. Rick, his maternal grandfather, has the last name of Sanchez, so the pair would rate pretty highly on ...

  • Is Rick and Morty Jewish?

19. Morty Is Mixed, Just Like Me. And That's Complicated.

  • Jun 7, 2018 · ... Morty's grandpa Rick being Hispanic, let alone Morty himself. I wonder what needs to be mentioned, though. Rick already has the last name ...

  • The soul of ‘Rick and Morty’ is a mixed-race boy who goes on inter-dimensional adventures. What do we expect of him?

20. Documentation - The Rick and Morty API

  • Name and link to the character's origin location. location, object, Name and link to the character's last known location endpoint. image, string (url), Link to ...

  • This documentation will help you get familiar with the resources of the Rick and Morty API and show you how to make different queries.

Morty's Last Name (2024)


Morty's Last Name? ›

Morty Smith

What is Summer's last name in Rick and Morty? ›

Summer Smith is one of the main characters of the American media franchise Rick and Morty.

Is Rick Sanchez Hispanic? ›

Appearance. Rick is an aging man with ashy skin, a uni-brow, and spiky, light blue hair. It's uncertain whether his hair is blue due to chemical exposure or simply an artistic choice. Appearance-wise, he is racially ambiguous, but in the Season 2 DVD commentary, the writers confirmed he is of Latino descent.

What is Morty's middle name? ›

Mortimer Chauncey "Morty" Smith Sr. is one of the eponymous characters from the American animated television series Rick and Morty.

What is Morty short for? ›

Morty is a boy's name with French origins. Meaning “dead sea,” Morty is a variation of the perhaps more fancy name, Mortimer. An Anglicization of the biblical name Moses, Mortimer then birthed this cute nickname.

What is Morty's crushes name? ›

Ever since the first episode of Rick & Morty, the unattainable (and undeniably thinly-sketched) Jessica has been the apple of Morty's eye, but this has never stopped Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's show from also adding "girl of the week" love interests into the show's continuity.

What is Rick Sanchez's IQ? ›

Rick's IQ | Fandom. Why Rick's IQ is 3000 ?

Why is Rick's skin grey? ›

Rick's color palette consists of blue pastels and neutral brown, grey, and white. His look was inspired by Doc Brown from Back to the Future and Reed Richards from Marvel Comics. Although this isn't stated in the series, fans speculate that Rick's grey skin is most likely from alcoholism.

Is Rick from Rick and Morty autistic? ›

While playing, Rick asks Morty, "Is this game popular with autistic people?" Just as Morty starts to scold Rick, Rick chimes in and says, "Because I'm starting to love it!” This caused many viewers in the Rick and Morty fandom to theorize that Rick was actually neurodivergent, although it was never confirmed.

Is Rick Sanchez an atheist? ›

In the pilot, he was revealed to be an atheist, as he tells Summer that "there is no God"; however, Rick is later established to be aware of the existence of various afterlives and gods, just lacking respect for them. Harmon has said that "anarchist" is a close ideological descriptor of Rick.

What is Morty's disability? ›

These issues are seen in both Morty and Summer. It is stated in the show that Morty has a learning disability and he is known for having no friends or social relationships in the show. This implies that he suffers from FAS, which would not be a huge surprise due to Beth's drinking problem.

Who was Morty's girlfriend? ›

1. Jessica. When it comes to Morty's love interests, Jessica is the obvious answer as to who should land in first place. She's the only girl Morty's pursued constantly throughout the series and is the primary motivation for plenty of his actions.

Who is Morty's sister? ›

Summer Smith (voiced by Spencer Grammer) is Morty's 17-year-old older sister, a more conventional and often superficial teenager, who is obsessed with improving her status among her peers.

Does Rick actually love Morty? ›

However, it is implied that Rick does indeed love Morty, as shown in "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind", when Rick starts crying at his memories of Morty, but generally he refrains from expressing it so that Morty does not become, as he puts it, "co*cky".

Does Rick actually care about Morty? ›

Rick also demonstrates being fairly protective of Morty, as shown in the episode "Meeseeks and Destroy", where he eventually sets aside his cynicism to allow Morty to have a positive adventure, and abruptly kills Mr. Jellybean as the two are leaving the fantasy world because of the previous attempted rape on Morty.

When did Morty call Rick boring? ›

"Ricktional Mortpoon's Rickmas Mortcation" is the tenth and final episode of the sixth season of Rick and Morty, and the 61st episode of the series overall.

Is Summer Rick's daughter? ›

Summer Smith of Dimension C-131 is the tritagonist of Rick and Morty. She is a member of the Smith Family and the daughter of Jerry Smith and Beth Smith/Space Beth, the older sister of Morty Smith, and the mother of Naruto Smith.

What is Beth's last name in Rick and Morty? ›

Bethany "Beth" Smith (née Sanchez) is one of the main characters of the American animated television series Rick and Morty.

Why is Morty and Summer's baby named Naruto? ›

Trivia. In the episode "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion", Summer names him Naruto after helping him escape from Mars. His name is a reference to Naruto Uzumaki, the main protagonist of the Naruto series.

Is Beth Rick Prime's daughter? ›

Though Beth died never knowing that her original father was a separate version of Rick known as Rick Prime and died hating him, at the end of his life, Prime appeared to show some affection for her, being outraged at C-137 living with his daughter and dismissing other Beths as mere "echoes" of her.

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