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"We treat & design your nails while we are indulging you! A kind team is awaiting you."

➤ Our values: quality, respect, ambience.

➤ Our nail designers are specialized in:

  • Nail Design: gel nails, nail moulding, nail extension, nail art (e.g. glitter nails), wide choice (colors and shapes).

  • Nail Care: french manicure (french nails), manicure, pedicure, foot care, paraffin bath, nail cosmetics, nail enhancement, gel polish (gel lac).

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Exclusively Nails, Done to Perfection

100% Nails: Gel Nails | Nail Design | Nail Care

The nail studio My Nice Nails is characterized by kindliness and perfection and we stand for the following values:

  • Quality: We strive for perfection. Therefore, we are 100% focused on nails.

  • Respect: We value interpersonal relationships and sincerity. Furthermore, we are obliging.

  • Ambiente: We provide relaxation and indulge our customers. With us, you feel at home.

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Nail Cosmetics – History and Trends

Since time immemorial groomed nails are a symbol of beauty and status. In the past – evidence of historians goes back to periods before Jesus Christ – groomed and styled nails were still a privilege since the upper class only could afford nail care (manicure, pedicure, etc.) and nail design. Nowadays – wealth and progress made it possible – this original symbol of status became affordable for everyone. Over time, requirements in Cosmetics have increased and quality and strength of artificial nails got developed further so that today also craftsmen and craftswomen or people doing sports can get their nails done.

Beauty and body care have nevertheless symbolic character today and artificial nails (hands and feet) are enjoying great popularity. This cosmetics trend started in the late 1960s in the USA and reached Europe in the late 1970s. Hence, expressions such as nails, nail salon, nail design, and nail art are used commonly in other languages. Nail art, thus art on the nail, is the most creative and most innovative field in nail design. Continually, new techniques arise in order to embellish and individualize the nail after its modeling. The variety in nail art seems to be boundless!

FAQ – What Needs to Be Known about Gel Nails

Gel nails: What are gel nails?

Gel nails are a type of artificial fingernails that should preferably be applied in a professional nail salon by a trained nail designer. These nails consist of a special gel material, which is applied to the natural nail and subsequently hardened under UV light. Compared to other artificial nail options such as acrylic nails, gel nails stand out for their stability and durability. Moreover, they offer numerous possibilities for individual and creative nail designs, making them extremely popular among women who like to beautify their nails. However, it is important to note that the application of gel nails requires expertise and experience to ensure professional application and satisfactory results.

Gel nails vs. acrylic nails: Why gel nails are better than acrylic nails?

Gel nails are better than acrylic nails for the following reasons: They are more flexible and resistant, making them less prone to breakage. The gel material also provides a more natural look and feel, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance compared to acrylic nails. The application of gel nails is faster, as they quickly harden under UV light. In addition, gel nails are odor-free, while acrylic nails often have a strong odor that can be unpleasant for some people. Overall, gel nails are the superior choice for artificial fingernails.

Health: Is gel harmful or can artificial nails cause foot fungus?

No. Nail modeling with gel does not harm the natural nail since the supply of oxygen occurs from the root (external oxygen supply is not needed at all as the top layer of a nail consists of dead horn cells and does not breathe). With a professional treatment (in technical and hygienic terms) together with proper hygiene and care, the foot fungus risk is not higher than for natural nails. Should a foot fungus exist already, the nail treatment may be rejected due to health reasons in order that the corresponding spot is not hermetically sealed but remains treatable. In such case, an assessment by a doctor is strongly recommended.

Curing process: What kind of light is used and is the light radiation harmful?

Today, LED lamps with a light wavelength in the range of 365-400 nm are used for the curing of the gel. In this so-called UVA range, the light is not harmful to the skin and there is no tanning or pigmentation.

Hygiene: How a hygienic nail studio is recognized?

A hygienic nail studio can be recognized by clean workstations, disinfected instruments, and well-ventilated rooms. Disinfectable work instruments and environments are disinfected daily and/or after each treatment. Non-disinfectable work tools are used only once. Employees pay attention to personal hygiene, and the studio should provide an accessible hygiene concept. In addition, disposable items such as files and orange wood sticks are used. An air purifier further minimizes dust exposure. – My Nice Nails guarantees compliance with the highest hygiene standards. Ask our team about our hygiene concept.

Nail care: How should gel nails be cared for?

Gel nails should be cared for in the same way as natural nails. For shaping or shortening, only a file should be used (no cutting or clipping). Furthermore, artificial nails can be varnished with a normal nail polish whereas for its removal, an acetone-free remover has to be applied because otherwise the gel nails could dissolve.

Durability: How often do I have to get a refill?

Gel nails hold for long, so that in most cases a refill is desired due to aesthetical reasons (in order to get the gap filled between the nail skin and the artificial nail after nail growth). Depending on the nail growth rate, a refill frequency of three to four weeks is recommended. The longer the nail growth is protruding, the higher the risk for breaking. In such case, the refill may lead to additional costs.

Resilience: How resilient are gel nails?

Gel nails are stronger and more stable than natural nails. Nevertheless, they can break when hit, torn, or damaged. This must even happen in order that the nail bed doesn’t get injured. In general, the artificial nails should not to be used as tools but instead be used as though they were natural nails.

Price differences: Why there are price differences from one nail studio to another?

The price, firstly, depends on the execution (quality of the nail modeling) and, secondly, on the quality of the used products and working tools, the hygiene, as well as the service. Only through direct comparison one can get a feeling and understanding of the price-performance ratio while very expensive and very cheap providers should always be scrutinized.

Nail biting: Does a solution exist for nail biters?

Yes. Nail modeling with gel is an effective method in order to hinder nail biting. Through the application of gel, the nail (and in extreme situations the nail bed as well) receives a protection which supports or rather allows the regeneration of the nail.

Removal: Can I remove my gel nails by myself?

No. The artificial nails should be removed professionally in order that the natural nails remain intact. A do-it-yourself removal has an elevated risk of damaging the upper layers of the natural nails as they are weaker and more susceptible to injury than normal due to the permanent oxygen deficiency.

Minimum age: What is the minimum age at which to get gel nails done?

18 years. Or at least 16 years if a declaration of consent (download here) with all corresponding documents is brought along or if it is filled out in the nail studio accompanied by the parents.

MY NICE NAILS | 100% Nails @Zurich HB @Zurich Affoltern – Nail Studio (2024)
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