The Roads Ahead - Chapter 1 - Zees_CD (2024)

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Claire Browne- Alpha, 26 years old.

Aaron Glassman- Alpha, 58 years old

Audrey Lim- Alpha, 36 years old.

Nurse Jerome Martel- Beta, 34 years old

Matt coyle- alpha, 40 years old.

Jessica Preston - Alpha, 35 years old.

Alex park- Alpha, 45 years old.

Kellan Park- Omega, 17 years old.

Isabel Barnes (Andrews) -Alpha, 39 years old

Salen Morrison- Alpha, 46 years old

Jared Kalu- Beta, 26 Years old

Deena Petringa - Beta, 53 years old.

Nuse (April) Hawkes- Beta, 32 years old.

Nurse (Eva) Fryday- Beta, 39 years old

Jordan Allen- Beta, 29 years old

Owen- Beta, 40 years old

Neil Melendez - Beta, 38 years old.

Aidan Coulter- Beta, 45 years old.

Allegra Aoki- Beta, 46 years old.

Steve Murphy (Deceased)-Omega

Morgan Reznick- Omega, 30 years old.

Marcus Andrews- Omega, 38 years old.

Asher Wolke- Beta, 26 years old.

Dalisay Villanueva - Omega, 38 years old.

Shaun Murphy- Omega , 27 years old.

Madison Glassman (Deceased)- Omega


Alphas and Omegas have heats and ruts once every six months, (Twice a year.)

These heats can last from two days to two weeks.

Ruts can last from two days to two weeks as well.

Alphas are the leaders of the pack, Betas are the caretakers, While the omegas Are the carriers and caregivers.

Omegas are not seen as the lowest rank of society and are often coddled and treasured as well as taken care of throughout their life but discrimination is still very common. Many people view omegas as emotionally unstable and not fitted to work.

Male Omegas are very uncommon and often seen as a mutation, they are treated worse by most alphas and even other omegas.

Most omegas have soft but noticeable scents, while Alphas have Bolder, Stronger scents, Betas have faint, weak scents mostly based off of the alphas/ omegas in pack or (family)

Omegas are still discriminated against in society because of their common heats and troubles defending themselves or their protectiveness of young, wether theirs or not. Omegas are seen as maternal and no matter primary gender, if Secondary gender is omega the person may carry.

Packs are formed when at least one Alpha, Beta, and omega decided to form a bond, which is where the alpha and beta both scent the omega and eachother, the omega scenting them back and doing a public display of affection (sometimes) in return.

In order to start an official relationship with an omega (or beta), the alpha must court the other. This is done with small gifts such as bracelets, Necklaces, or special foods/Drinks that are given to the receiver.

Alphas do not commonly find the need to court other alphas.

A feral omega is called a Feral.

A feral omega is classified as a wild or untamed omega, such as one that has no respect for any other Beta, Alpha or Omega that they see. Most commonly, feral omegas (or betas) may be struggling with past abuse, Addictions, or mental disorders/ Disease's.

Nesting is when an omega takes a close friend of pack mates/ partners items and creates a 'Nest' where the omega is surrounded by their loved ones scent during either heat, Pregnancy, or stressful times in said omegas Life, Though sometimes an omega may create a nest just for the comfort of one.

Omegas can also purr and hiss, Though while an omega is purring they struggle to talk or articulate. Alphas can growl, which is similar to an omega hiss, it shows anger, frustration to fear.

Betas have a special scent that is used to calm alphas and Omegas. Beanie this scent to limit conflict and often to protect Omegas from a dangerous Alpha. Many Omegas only respond to a beat as scent if it is a beta that has courted them or is a part of their pack.. alphas respond to the scent no matter what.

Heats leave an Omega extremely vulnerable and they need a partner or friend to help them through. Some heats are worse and the only time a male Omega can get pregnant is during heat.

Ruts are similar, Alphas become more challenging and hostile, unable to control themselves and often, unmated Alphas may get an Omega escort to help during heats. Alphas can work during ruts, though they need to be monitored for any violent behaviors.

There are scent and heat/rut repressors that help keep a rut or heat at bay.. Most scent blockers completely hide the alpha or omegas scent and help keep their classification at bay.


The Roads Ahead - Chapter 1 - Zees_CD (2024)
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